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Starter Flavor Culture Powder for Grated Cheeses

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IMAC's Starter Flavor Culture Powder for Grated Cheeses is an extremely popular product and has been successfully used all over North America with tremendous success for the past decade.

International Media and Cultures Inc. is proud to present its unique Starter Flavor Culture Powder for grated cheeses (herein called the FSCP Product). The Product was developed to address the industry's need for an ability to augment existing grated cheeses with a fresh dairy note and other similar attributes that were lacking. The FSCP Product has proven extremely popular solution in the industry, as it provides it is very similar in texture to grated cheeses, and it does not alter the natural flavor. The FSCP Product instantly improves the freshness of the cheese, and significantly enhances its overall acceptance. From an economic standpoint, the FSCP Product delivers tremendous value to the producer, as it is reasonably priced.

The FSCP Product is a free-flowing, off-white granular product that is extremely similar to the physical characteristics of existing grated cheeses. It is made entirely of wholesome ingredients, employing dairy starter culture fermentation and enzyme hydrolysis, and is manufactured through IMAC's proprietary process. The FSCP Product blends very well grated cheeses, and it significantly lifts the fresh dairy note of the existing cheese and gives it a lovely flow characteristic.

Usage In the Standard of Identity Product
The FSCP Product can be categorized as a natural flavoring, as it is employed to improve and lift the fresh dairy note. It can also subsequently be employed as an anti-caking agent, as it imparts excellent anti-caking properties without settling to the bottom of containers. The FSCP Product can also be used as a biological antimycotic agent used to reduce the growth of unwanted yeast and mold. Likewise the FSCP Product can be used as a combination of all three functionalities (natural flavoring, anti-cake, and antimycotic), depending on the client's individual requirements.

Usage In the Non-Standard of Identity Product
The FSCP Product can be incorporated into non-standard of identity of products like blends, pizza toppings and also into products that are provided to food services and institutions. The FSCP Product can also be used in dressings, sauces, soups, fillings in pasta and baking goods. The FSCP Product significantly improves the consistency and flavor of these existing products. Non-standard of identity products are not governed by the Code of Federal Regulations, hence the FSCP Product should be used at the sole discretion of the end-user. Under these guidelines, the FSCP Product has been successfully employed for non-standard of identity products, and because of its value pricing and performance, it represents a significant competitive advantage in the industry.

Legal Aspects
The FSCP Product conforms to the 21 Code of Federal Regulations. The FSCP Product can be used as an optional ingredient for grated cheeses under 21 CFR 133.146 for natural flavorings, anti-caking agents, and biological antimycotics. The judgement to use as a to employ the FSCP Product as a natural flavoring, anti-caking agent, and/ or biological antimycotic should be exercised by the end user as per the definitions and conformities of the Code of Federal Regulations.

Nutritional Value
When it is blended as an optional ingredient with existing grated cheeses in a desired ration, the nutritional value of the finished product will not significantly deviate, since the optional ingredients are used on the basis of safe and suitable requirements. This decision should be made by the customer only, on an individual basis.

Availability and Storage
The FSCP Products are manufactured in company-owned USDA / FDA approved plants that are located in several Midwest locations and are available for larger volume orders on short notice. The FSCP Product is shipped in 50lb. bags, must be stored at cool and dry room temperatures, and carries a shelf-life of 6-8 months. The FSCP Product is available for Parmesean, Romano and Cotija cheeses.

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