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MILK SILO CULTURE Laser Diffraction Data
Particle sizing is a unique way to study the effects of of introduced variables into preexisting systems. IMAC Inc., in conjunction with Dansco Dairies Ltd. (UK) and Malvern Instruments (UK), conducted a series of experiments to quantitatively determine the effectiveness of MILK SILO CULTURE in-vivo. 

The Experiment: Milk contains a standard array of particles that have a definite size. Fat, protein, lactose, and vitamins and minerals can all be allocated a size range, and can be measured by laser diffraction particle analysis. If degeneration of the milk components by psychrotrophic bacteria occurs, then the existing components in milk will coagulate/ spoil and form larger particles within the milk.

The first graph demonstrates clean, fresh, refrigerated raw milk from the silo. This sample does not contain MILK SILO CULTURE and is used as the STANDARD. The fresh milk demonstrates a particle range of 0.317um to 12.619um. The standard indicates that no breakdown of milk components has occurred:


Fresh Raw Milk Graph (ref.'Raw Milk', 07 Apr 1999 12.54.03)

The second graph demonstrates the test portion of the experiment, where MILK SILO CULTURE was added to the fresh raw milk in one sample, and another CONTROL sample was left untreated. Both samples were left at room temperature (22C, 73F) for a period of 48 hours. The results were as follows:


MILK SILO CULTURE Raw Milk vs. Untreated Raw Milk (ref.RAW 3/4, 07 Apr 1999 13:28:30)

The region in RED is the raw milk treated with MILK SILO CULTURE - it demonstrates little to no change from the aforementioned STANDARD sample - this means little to no breakdown of components within the MILK SILO CULTURE sample has occurred over 48 hours at room temperature. The CONTROL sample, which is the GREEN region on the graph, shows what happens to milk that is not treated with MILK SILO CULTURE- the particles have coagulated significantly, thereby destroying the integrity and content of the milk.

Even in the harshest of conditions, IMAC MILK SILO CULTURE protects the valuable components of milk from spoilage, resulting in savings in terms of milk performance and losses, and even energy costs.

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