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IMAC Anti-Caking Agents

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IMAC's Anti-Caking Agents are extremely popular products and have been successfully used all over North America with tremendous success for the past decade.

International Media and Cultures Inc. is a leading supplier of dairy ingredients to the dairy industry and has ben awarded several patents for its meritorious and praiseworthy technological achievements. In the early 90's, IMAC was the first company to patent food-based anti-caking agents. When cheese with IMAC Anti-caking agents added are baked on a pizza (see image above), the cheese retains excellent functional characteristics such as less burn, good sheen, and overall good melt and appearance that works well in all types of ovens. Due to the limitations of exhibited by cellulose and other competitor agents applied to cheeses with less-than-desirable results and value, IMAC set out to develop and patent a cost-effective and high-technology product for the industry's anti-caking needs. All of IMAC's products are in conformity with the laws and regulations as outlined in the Code of Federal Regulations for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

IMAC has since been in the anti-caking agent business for more than a decade, with satisfied customers throughout North America, the United Kingdom, and the European Economic Community. Our success has been attributed to the fact that IMAC carries a wide range of custom blended products that meet the specific requirements of each individual customer. IMAC also specializes in granular, colored, calcium-fortified and flavored anti-caking agents for cheeses like cheddar, provolone, parmesean and romano.

Advantages of General Purpose Anti-Caking Agents for the Cheese Industry
•Can be used in any type of cheese products.
•Excellent flow properties.
•Significantly reduces or eliminates yeast and mold problems.
•Less dusty in the work environment.
•Excellent for the overall health and well-being of line production staff.
•Excellent track record for the past 12 to 15 years in the US and European markets.

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